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"Our revenue growth increased over 70%, expanded our staffing and capacity by utilising grant procurement, grew our top investor program exponentially."

Marilyn, President - Financial Services

 "He is a relationship-builder, a consensus-maker, and has many skills and abilities that make him a wonderful leader."

Ron, CFO - Automative Industry

"Chris is not only a proven leader; he is also a man of character, compassion, and he has tremendous work ethic."

Kirk, GM - Manufacturing 


"He is very passionate about his work and cares about our communities and the people within them."

Amanda, Financial Services


"I cannot say enough about my belief in Christopher's ability to add value to any venture he takes on and and am confident that any organisation would be lucky to have him at the helm."

Brian, Local Business Owner 


By the Numbers:

  • In the past year, Chris & raefConsulting provided high quality, professional consultancy services to 77 clients, those from the corporate, non-profit and government sectors.

  • 9/10 of those clients are returning customers.

  • 100% of customers would likely recommend Chris to another colleague.

  • raefConsulting received a 94.7% Client Satisfaction Rate. 

"Christopher is the most visionary, charismatic leader with whom I have had the pleasure of working."

Megan, CEO - Global NGO


"Christopher's power to transform lives is evident in the relationships he built with staff, volunteers, investors, and key community leaders."

Susan, Vice President Marketing 


"Chris strongly believes in his team and in turn, his belief empowered me to want to strive to do more and become more. He is the consummate professional and any company would be fortunate to have him and would benefit from his professionalism and expertise."

Phyllis, Community & Family Services


"Chris brings out the best in people and has an intuitive ability to strengthen partnerships which are so vital to philanthropic work." 

John, Local Government Administration



"You challenged me to think more deeply about my idea and that was great."

Rachel, CEO - Disability Services

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