"The only cure for fear, is direct action."

- David Brooks

We all face fear and challenges each day in our lives, but it is how well we respond to adversity, as individuals, in our teams and through our professional organisations, that determines success.

Will we or won't we respond to the challenge in-kind?

In recognition of this, Chris Wilborn established raefConsulting as a vehicle to pay forward his two decades of leadership experience from service to the for-purpose, corporate and government sectors.


Wilborn is deeply passionate about people and perpetual growth, and brings the two together at the intersection of purpose and bottomline in a community-minded consultancy. Indeed, raef is founded upon the principles of servant leadership.


Clients engaging the services of raefConsulting benefit from Wilborn's long history of helping leaders and organisations achieve record growth and scale up sustainably. 


raefConsulting, Pty. Ltd. is a consultancy that always brings a listen-first, radically customer-centred approach with an underlying pragmatic spirit.


raefConsulting VALUES

Integrity is the foundation of our life and work.

A collaborative approach is the key to sustainability.

Stepping into fear and being bold is how we learn and grow as individuals and professionals. 

Creativity enables lateral thinking.  

Service to others is how we maintain our focus and decision-making priorities.

Chris Wilborn
CEO & Principal