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"The only cure for fear, is direct action."

- David Brooks

We all face fear in our lives, but it is how well we respond to this challenge,

as individuals and team members, that determines our progress and growth.

In recognition of this, Chris Wilborn established raefConsulting, Pty. Ltd.,

a for-purpose consultancy that harnesses the power of people and passion

in order to drive social impact and growth. 


Clients working with Wilborn have unlimited access to his

more than twenty years experience helping leaders and organisations

attain record growth and sustainably. 


raefConsulting, Pty. Ltd. is a client-centred consultancy offering

practical approaches to complex challenges.


 raefConsulting is a values-driven organisation.

Integrity is the foundation of trust and meaningful working relationships.

Collaboration is the key that unlocks critical partnerships, which lead to sustainability.


Boldness requires leading by example and to continually step out of our comfort zone.  

Objectivity ensures that we maintain focus on decision-making priorities.  

Servant leadership is every leader's call to action.

Chris Wilborn
CEO & Principal Consultant
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