We all face fear and challenges each day in our lives, but it is how well we respond to adversity--as individuals, our teams and businesses--which is the central tenet that determines growth and forward movement.

In recognition of this, Christopher (Chris) Wilborn established raefConsulting as a vehicle to pay forward his more than two decades of leadership experience across the non-profit, private and public sectors.


Chris is deeply passionate about people and perpetual growth, and brings the two together at the intersection of purpose and bottomline in a community-minded consultancy. 


Chris possesses a long track record of enabling individuals and organisations to achieve next-level performance, while raising brand awareness, generating record resource and deepening community impact.


raefConsulting is a strategic consultancy that combines a listen-first, customer-centred approach with an underlying pragmatic spirit, fully tailored to each client’s unique needs. 


Chris' resume at a glance: 

  • Appointed in his 1st chief executive role at only 33 years of age where record-breaking growth and a sustainable legacy was achieved

(+58% Increase in Revenue).

  • Recruited as a National Service Team Leader - a team of disaster first responders were deployed under Chris' leadership in Washington, D.C. and New York City following the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks.

  • Selected as one of thirty Global Fellows representing a

2000 member international federation.

  • Competitive placement in Best & Brightest Graduate-level

Management Internship Program.

  • Coach of the Year Award, Rockdale Raiders (2019)

  • Awarded Mayor's Outstanding Citizen (2015)   

  • December 17th Declared 'Christopher Wilborn Day',

Judge Executive Proclamation (2014)

  • Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Communications;

Masters of Art in Political Science with an Emphasis in Public Policy.

  • Athletic Scholarship Recipient, Men's Soccer Program 

  • Father of an amazingly awesome 8 year old son.



raefConsulting is a valued-driven consultancy: 

Integrity is the foundation of our life and work.

A collective approach is the key to sustainability.

Being bold is how we face and overcome our fears. 

Innovation enables different perspectives to take hold.  

Service is about remaining outwardly facing and keeping the focus on the 'main thing'.


Chris Wilborn
Owner & Principal
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