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NDIS Providers


The primary aim of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is to provide Australians under 65 years of age, with a permanent and significant disability, the individualised support and the flexibility to manage their supports and enjoy a good quality of life.

Within the next five years, the NDIS will provide more than $22 billion a year to 500,000 Australians who are eligible for the NDIS as participants. Presently, the scheme supports 467,000 people with disabilities and a quarter of a million workers (11,600 NDIS Providers).

For organisations delivering services to people with disabilities, a fine line must be walked in order to capitalise on both the economic and social impact opportunities. Examples of this include:


  • Providers must have an unyielding committed to the independence and safety of participants.

  • They should integrate a 'multi-lingual' practise, which enables both understanding and communication in the vernacular required by the layperson and NDIS. 

  • Providers should construct a business model that is nimble and responsive to the scheme's complexities and ever-changing nature.   

  • Strive to acquire the necessary business acumen needed to lead and run a participant-centred service.


Chris Wilborn, raefConsulting's Principal Consultant and CEO, is frequently called upon as a source of expertise for the disability sector. Wilborn contributes tremendous insight and practical knowledge to his clients' work, which empowers them to take practical steps forward in effectively navigating the ever-evolving and often complex scheme. Clients working with raef are equipped to:



       "One should try to optimise for impact. There is a way to do well and do good."
- Neil Blumenthal

Improve the maturity and commercial viability of your business

Prepare for the Certification or Verification Audits

Leverage innovative business models

Effectively market and attract new clients


Sue, NDIS Provider

Chris possesses significant expertise in the NDIS and listens carefully to understand and devise practical solutions to his client’s often complex needs.

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 2.42.40 pm.png

Aruna, Founder & RN

I am very lucky to have found Chris. He is an NDIS industry expert with in depth knowledge and a lot of working experience in the field. It has been a pleasure interacting with him, his thoughts are helpful and I find him a great listener. Working on my strategic planning session with him was really insightful. And he helped me establish myself within one month by getting clients. What I found most helpful was that he helped me establish the foundation of my company. 


Phil, Business Owner

Our work with Chris has been invaluable. He has helped us to make strategic decisions that have positioned our organisation to sustainably scale up our operations and achieve an all new level of results on behalf of our clients and business.

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