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Non-profit Growth^

NFP are tasked with some of the most challenging missions out there...Grow-Sustain-Impact

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Service Description

Presently, there are approximately 58,000 non-profits in Australia with an estimated 4% growth each year. Non-profit organisations, like their private sector counterparts, require diversification of revenue and alignment of resources in order to remain viable and sustainable in the competitive marketplace. With this in mind, Chris brings extensive experience as a non-profit leader with unparalleled success through his tenure as CEO who led his organisation to record-breaking financial growth, reversing a downward revenue trend, unearthing and leveraging resources, and mobilising ever-increasing support behind a mission-focused agenda for sustainable change. Through a Non-profit Growth Model, a holistic approach to maximising a non-profit organisation’s impact is achieved through the objective identification of impediments to mission attainment and broad analysis of available resources within an organisation, or Resources Under Management (RUM), and strategies for leveraging each. Key Non-profit Growth Model Elements include: -Fundraising (Major Giving, Reoccurring Gifts, Workplace Giving & Legacy/Bequests) -Marketplace Competition -Corporate Partnership -Brand & Key Messaging -Stewardship -Product Development -Human Capital (staff & volunteers) -Resource Alignment Key Stakeholders: +CEO +Board Chairperson +Board Members +Staff +Donors +Volunteers +Partners (Corporates, other NGOs)

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Sydney NSW, Australia

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